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CYNDI LOPEZ - Lead Vocals

Cyndi grew up in California and has been singing for over thirty years.   She began her career performing in local musical theater companies at the early age of 5.   Cyndi's life has always been surrounded by music.  Her mother is a professional pianist, and her father was a professional musician as well, specializing in clarinet, saxophone and guitar.   Because music was such an important part of her life, it was only natural that in her early teens she began competing in classical vocal competitions throughout the West Coast.   Featured as a vocal soloist in every choir, she was selected to be a member of the very prestigious Southern California Honor Choir in 1994.   At the age of 18, Cyndi was signed as an R&B recording artist with an independent record label.  She continued performing leading roles in several musical theater productions and decided to return to school to study vocals at the college level.   Cyndi has obtained a very strong reputation for  the strength of her stunning four-octave voice, versatile singing styles and overall power.   In 2004, Cyndi started singing lead vocals / fronting in her first live band, UndercoveR, which was an excellent growing experience and prepared her for her "dream" band - ON THE ROXX.


STEVIE G. - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Stevie began his musical journey in the late '70s and early '80s as a bassist, playing with local cover and original bands Triad and Electric Axe.   By the age of 19 he was already performing at some of Southern California's most popular night clubs.   In 1994 he decided to start a new band, "Last Call", but this time as a take no prisoners six string slingin' Lead Guitarist.  For the next 11 years, Last Call performed countless shows and was a favorite at the venues they played.  Last Call was often chosen as the opening act for national recording artists such as Missing Persons, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Jack Mack and The Heart Attack and Great White.   July 4th 2002, they performed for a crowd of 14,000 as the headliner for the Redlands University fireworks show.  From 2002 to 2008 Stevie G and singer Cyndi Lopez performed with the locally renowned band UndercoveR at various night clubs and casinos.  In 2008, Stevie and Cyndi started a new project with a focus on up to date music styles, and with the addition of Bernie Weisz on keyboards, "ON THE ROXX" was born.   Stevie G has earned a reputation as an articulate and melodic guitarist with precise attention to detail.  He also operates OTR's "state of the arts" live sound reinforcement system and recording/rehearsal studio.


BERNIE WEISZ - Keyboards and Vocals

Bernie grew up in California and has been playing keyboards in clubs around the Mammoth Lakes, Los Angeles/Orange County and Inland Empire for over 30 years.   He has been a member of several rock, country rock and dance/R&B bands such as The Pictures, Eddie Rose, Yukon Jak, Itchy Huevos and Eliah.   Bernie has played for thousands of adoring fans over the years at several nightclubs, casinos, private parties, indoor/outdoor festivals and fundraisers.   Bernie has an Associate of Arts degree in Music from Crafton Hills College and does keyboard studio work all around the Southern California area.   Bernie currently holds down the roll of keyboardist and vocals in ON THE ROXX, a premier cover band that specializes in Top 40/Rock/Dance music.


 JOHN GONZALES - Bass and Vocals

With over 30 years of musical experience, John has played with some of the best musicians in L.A., Orange, San Diego and more recently the Inland Empire.  Looking back on his career he has played many of the top Rock n Roll band circuits with some of the best bands such as Freedom Suite, Riff Raff, Hot Ticket and East L.A.’s own (Thee Midnighter’s).  More recently he has played with The Evidence Band (San Diego) and locally with the Classic Rock Group Roadwork.  John is a Bass player by trade, but he is also a first class drummer and Lead Vocalist.  He can arrange harmonies and produce any type of music.  He has played many venue’s such as The Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles Sports Arena, San Jose Convention Center just to name a few.   Now that he has found players with such talent as “ON THE ROXX” he feels he has come full circle.  John is a Bass Guitar Player that doesn’t cut any corners, he is precise, in the pocket, and creates excitement with his style and performance. 


 JOE SEGOVIA - Drums                               

Joe started playing bass drum in high school as a freshman. Not happy with the size and weight of the bass drum, Joe practiced over the summer and came back playing snare drum as a sophomore. Joe studied marching percussion from two of the most iconic technician/arrangers in DCI history, Tom Float and Ralph Hardimon. At age 16, Joe toured the US & Canada performing in Drum Corp and at age 19 moved to San Jose to join the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corp and was a DCI finalist. Joe then went on to teach field percussion at the high school level for the next 12 years, until he turned his focus to the drum set. Joe studied the Rocking Independence under Jay Schellen (Asia, Hurricane, Circa, Unruly Child, LA studio) which focuses on dexterity, timekeeping, ghosting technique and 4-way coordination and much more. Joe got his start in the LA club scene with the Los Angeles based band Paluka, where he recorded their second album, Punch Drunk, and received song writing credits. After playing in local Orange county bands Plush, Medowgreen, and Life In Reverse, Joe moved into the area of tribute bands where Joe portrayed Alex Van Halen in the Hollywood based Intruder A Tribute To Van Halen for two and a half years. After that, Joe was once again asked to portray Alex in the band Viva Halen for a year playing in such venues as the House of Blues, Coach House, OC Fair, and Marquee15. With the varied musical genres and influences, Joe finds himself in the perfect outlet for his musical talents in the premier cover band that specializes in Top 40/Rock/Dance music, On The Roxx.










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